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Adding FO's palette to images/disabling AA on outer edges

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This is a tutorial by Continuum, found at NMA. Hello, Since FO's engine doesn't support anti-aliasing, we can "cheat" this ugly limitation and disable AA only on outer edges.

We must render the scene twice: with AA and without AA (of course every render must have the same size, camera position, etc.). I used FO's blue, transparent color as environmental map.

1) Copy and paste AA to noAA Wink Next you must make a selection on noAA layer (in this case Background): Here

2) Switch to AA layer and Expand the selection by one pixel (or Contract by one if you selected inverse): Here

You should get something like this: Here

3) Simply delete selection on AA layer: Here

4) Final "composition": Here

Now it's time to convert image to FO's palette before conversion to FRM.

Image --> Mode --> Indexed color --> select "Custom..." in the "Palette" field --> Load... (you must load FO's palette. Color table you'll find in Frame Animator - default.act). Next you must change "Dither" from None to Diffusion. Save the image.

Good conversion: Here

Bad conversion: Here

You can also apply noise filter on bigger "surfaces" for better conversion (test at NMA). On the smaller ones you don't noticed any differences, I guess...

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