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This page will be used solely for reporting bugs found in the released demo of Ardent's Fallout 2 Mod.

Posting BugsEdit

Here is an example of the preferred layout for how to post a bug:


Location: Duston Downtown

Severity: Minor

What happens: When I click on the boobs of Mrs McLint, I get 2 hitpoints of damage.

Screenshot: link a screenshot here showing the bug/glitch

Severity typesEdit

cosmetic - a missing blocking hex, or overlapping scenery.

minor - script deficiency which does not break quests.

major - script deficiency which breaks quests or disables you from advancing in the game.

critical - crash to desktop and the like.


Remember to add the specific location; example: Duston Downtown or the Duston Junkyard.

Categorizing bugsEdit

Please categorize your bugs as "unconfirmed" at first; Ardent will change them later after looking at them.

  • writing {{Confirmed}} creates this: CONFIRMED
  • writing {{Unconfirmed}} creates this: UNCONFIRMED
  • writing {{Fixed}} creates this: FIXED
  • and writing {{Not bug}} creates this: NOT BUG

Copy / PasteEdit

{{Unconfirmed}}<br />
'''Location:'''<br />
'''Severity:'''<br />
'''What happens:'''<br />

(Fill in the blank fields)

Bug reports (by location)Edit



Fallout ShelterEdit

Location: Fallout Shelter (exterior)
Severity: Cosmetic
What happens: The chainlink gate is overlapped by sand scenery
Screenshot: Screenshot

Location: Fallout Shelter (exterior)
Severity: Minor
What happens: When exiting to the world map from the Fallout Shelter map, the view is displaced over a separate area of the world map. Works perfectly for me. Or do you mean this? If yes, then it's perfectly normal for small locations (small circle, to be more precise) Ardent1984 22:42, September 1, 2010 (UTC)
Screenshot: )none)

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