BIO files are plain text files. They contain biographies of the 3 starting characters which can be chosen during the character creation stage, and can be found in the \premade folder.


There are no automatic linebreaks or scrolling on the character selection screen, so extra attention should be payed to make sure the length of each indiviual line does not exceed 26 characters (they can be up to 30 lines in length, but it's ugly). Also, the number of lines of content should not exceed 22 lines. The first line of text should be "So-and-so's story", in all capitals. Stylistically, there should be blank lines before and after the title.

(blank line)                      --
(another blank line)                |
"                                   |
      Biography content             | --> 22 lines of content
                          "       --

|                         |
 26 characters maximum recommended


Taken from Narg's BIO file,, exactly as it is shown (Fallout 2):


Narg's exceptional
physique has made him
one of the best hunters
in the tribe. Narg's 
first, and usually only,
impulse is to crush 
anything that he can't
figure out. Narg has
become quite adept at
crushing, and slicing,
and dicing. Narg would
like to prove his
worthiness to lead the
tribe and he'll let
nothing stand in his

Open withEdit

.BIO files can be opened with any simple text-editing programs, like Notepad or WordPad.

TeamX documentEdit

Original document at (in russian)

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