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My name is Manzo and i'm from argentina, me and a few friends are making a new mod, The mod's called Bloodlust, and we are in this since july but we know averithing of fallout 2 and 1, the mod will be in english but when we finish it we surely traduce it to spanish when we fish it.We need quite lot of help with this mod, the mod is HUGE and it's like 30% completed, but we are only 6 in the team so all the help you offer will be acepted. We need, someone who help me with 2D and 3D design, dialogues makers, scripts and mappers. Maps are almost done, but we're thinking of making new cities, and extra maps on old cities so we'll need just a few mappers. scripts and 2D design are the most wanted. It's a lot of work, and we don't want this mod dead, so we REALLY need help.Screen shots will be posted in two weeks more or less.

Team: Manzo, Cofran, Weelee, Cuca, Maru, Pichi.

Sorry if i wrote something wrong.






Weelee, Manzo.

2D Design


3D Design



We'll post more information shortly.

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