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F horrigan
  • For help with uploading FRM files to the wiki, see Help:Uploading FRM files

  • Please remember to properly categorize any FRM's you upload by adding the correct category to the image page. Generally, the correct category name should be the same as the page name you are posting the FRM artwork on - which in this case is: [[Category:Custom Art - Scenery]]

  • Also, if you are uploading critters or tiles that come in large sets, please provide a few SAMPLE FRMs in a table below, and upload an archived or zipped file containing all of the FRMs to a filesharing site of your choice. Then, PM Ghouly89 or Dude101 here at the wiki, or on No Mutants Allowed about the FRM pack, and they will take care of the rest.

Copy / PasteEdit

Copy this code for a blank table

{{FRM table
|Image Link           =
|Author               =
|Mod                  =
|Extra Details        =
|Image                =
|Image 1              =empty
|Image 2              =empty
|Image 3              =empty
|Detailed Description =
|Download Link        =
|FRM Pack Link        =empty

In this table, you should provide the:

  • File name / link
  • Author
  • Mod it applies to
  • Any extra details you might want to mention
  • Direct image link to the FRM
  • A detailed description
  • And finally, the download link

Insert Your Art BelowEdit

Author: Jotisz Mod: none Extra Details: Vault 69 poster
Poster000000 Detailed Description: General scenery table/poster Download

Custom Art Repository

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