An application to edit item prototypes in Fallout 2 and for creating new ones made by Cubik

Actual F2wedit v1.4.9.28 is here:. My Fallout 1/2 modding tools

All new versions will be posted in the forum NMA (link is above)

F2wedit Updater is the tool for updating f2wedit to newer versions.

The following description refers to outdated version of the program: This F2wedit v1.3.1.x is updated to adding new animations codes for creatures holding weapons. Those new codes are available when you have new FRMs with those animations and using Sfall v1.37 and up. Also, there are many more improvements to the tool like "Search function", "Save pictures", added "Cancel" button and other new features.

I fix some small bugs too (don't remember them all so I neglect noting them here).

Please check the tool yourself to know his features.

The tool works only with Polish and US versions of the game. It might work with Spanish as well, but I'm not sure. I do not know if this will work with other languages, because I don't know the structure of the master.dat (German, French, Russian, Italy etc).

The tool needs these files to run:

"master.dat", "critter.dat" and "fallout2.exe"

If either does not exist in the game directory then the tool won't run.

Optional is "patch000.dat", not neccessary for running the tool.

While the tool has enabled option "unpacking the proto files from .dat", the "patch000.dat" (if exists) is first before "master.dat".

Some features of the tool:Edit

  • Editing items' prototype files and creating new ones
  • Full compatibility with Interplay Mapper's item's proto editor
  • Setting attributes "read-only" and "archive" for files
  • Ability to unpacking only selected types of files
  • Ability to view packed files without unpacking them
  • Easy editing for selected files, other files will stay packed
  • Option to automatically unpacking files every click in listview
    • Any other options you will know while using the tool.



  • The tool crashes when no *.FRM file exists in "art/inven" or "art/items" directory for a custom proto item i.e. Fire Gecko Pelt has its own FRM files and one of these do not exist - the bug is fixed

Some improvements to 1.30:Edit

  • Option to Enable/Disable automatically unpacking of proto files
  • Option to unpack selected type of items proto files
  • option to unpack all files at once
  • Viewing packed files
  • Editing only unpacked files
  • Described options of Critical Failures for weapons
  • Added new options for Key, Misc, Container tabs
  • Some small visual updates
    • Comboboxes will be filled with names of language from your Fallout 2 installation automatically
  • Enabled option to change Item ID number
  • Fixed option of setting attribute Read-Only or archive
  • New option in Help, titled Help with some useful info about not understanding issues etc.,
  • In WEAPON table the Crit Fails's edit is changed to more easy list of choice with the descriptions of Crit Fails for *Weapons in game; in MISC, KEY or the CONTAINER tab, there are new options for using like in the Mapper, some changes in Menu and in the WEAPON table.

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