Fallout: THE WASTES.

Fallout 1 and 2 are the inspirations for this mod.

The aim of this mod is to create a playing field where there is alot of stuff to do, and no time limit on when you do story related missions and endless playtime like in fallout 2.The emphasis is freedom.There will be 4 factions to choose from: BOS, ENCLAVE, RAIDERS and RANGERS. Each faction has an item that will have bonuses that the player will recieve upon joining, the item will recieve an upgrade once you have proven yourself to the releated faction.The faction wars is the main story of the game, with one ultimatly ruling.TacoLlamaSauce is the main developer of the story line. I will be focusing on the content of The wastes, keeping as close to Fallout canon as I can.There will also be Merchants, Mercs, Slavers, Mobsters and bounty hunter groups around the wastes to work for.Many other features are planned.

Current Moddb members working on this mod are:-----

Ox-Skull(me): Artwork, Mapping, Entity and Sprite Creation and story/content.

Blaze_K: Artwork.

TacoLlamaSauce: Story/Content.

Guzzer: Mapping.

Lil Demon Designs.

External LinksEdit

Some Screen Shots

A demo is also avalible for download at: MoDB page

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