The Fallout 2 modification "FalloutNow! Osterspezial" is a small mod, that has been created as a kind of easter special from the staff of the german fallout community FalloutNow!.

"Because of eastern and lots of bunnies and rabbits and so on, we have decided to create a small modification with easter theme. This is now approx 5 days ago and we are really proud to present you now our small Fallout 2 modification. Smile Because of a lack of time, the mod is only a small one with one quest to solve. Someone has stolen the easter eggs from the easter bunny! Who could be the thief, and who can be the manipulator? Find it out!"

At the moment, this mod is only available in German. If somebody is interested in translating the mod into English or other languages, please contact me on NMA.

The mod can be downloaded here

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