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please help & input your EPA guide here.Edit

Before coming here, make sure you have a rope in your inventory. Upon arrival, kill all EPA spore plants until you receive a message telling you you have weeded out all the spore plants. You can loot nearby for: metal pole, drill, plant spray, etc... Pick up at least one "junk" item on the floor. (Press shift to highlight items for easier to find and click). There are some boxes near the fridge and the back entrance door which may have the rope item. Go to the opened elevator shaft and use rope on it. Use rope again to climb down.

Kill some minor rat/scorpion. Find the first generator with the description of "EPA lighting". Repair it with "junk". Then go northwest and find a ventilation fan described as "an old rusty fan". (it's the middle fan among the 3 fans, if you use it wrong you may not enter the rest of EPA)

If you are playing 2.1.2 version, you can obtain the metal pole in the locker and use it to jam the fan and enter.

The rest of the quests are same as below in F2RP1.2, with a few new quests.

you need to find the director of science at level 2, the hologram same level with mr chemmie. fix his hologram-projector, and he will chat you up and give you the password to his locker (which is next to the projector). he'll ask you to test the scorcher by using it to kill any critter.. you can use it on the fruitflies in epa (but beware of the fact you can't reload). Once you talk to him again, he'll give it to you anyway.. with some xp if you tested the scorcher...

EPA: please note that this walkthru below is for F2RP1.2:Edit

The EPA is an abandoned (mostly), pre-holocaust, experimental facility with lots to offer any character of any level/progress in the game. If you like to get relatively advanced gear early on (especially weapons and drugs), then by all means, visit the EPA as early as possible (probably shortly after freeing Sulik's sister). If you prefer to progress "normally" through the game (non-meta-game), you should probably visit it around the same time you would normally start doing any New Reno quests. The EPA is located pretty close to New Reno, so I would recommend visiting New Reno and speaking to Jules to get the location of the Stables (follow the Mordino family dialogue tree).

Before you leave, find and speak to the barking man, who is located in the very back of the building that is northwest of Jules. He'll be barking and scratching (See "Screenshot 00", "Z"). If you have 75 science, you can determine that he has a case of epilepsy (more about this later).

screenshot 00 [1]

Myron is of course located at the Stables, and with high enough science (75) you can get a temporary badge from Marjorie to visit him if you ask about her clipboard notes and follow that dialogue tree. The other method is to follow this path of dialogue -


Now go see Myron and convince him to join you, and then when you try to ditch him, he will spill the location of either the EPA or Golgotha in an attempt to get you to let him stay. This is the first of two known methods. The other is hit or miss, and involves traveling around the New Reno area until you get the "Traveler" random encounter. The Traveler will put two random locations on your map if you ask; sometimes you get EPA, sometimes not. I would advise not wasting your time hoping to get this. Instead just go to Myron, unless you're playing a stupid character, in which case I wouldn't even bother going to the EPA because in order to get the most out of this area, you'll need decent repair, science, some speech (between 55-75 of each in most cases), and of course, intelligence.

Note: The Solar Scorcher has been moved from Guardian of Forever to the EPA and Myron is needed to be able to get it.

Note 2: Make sure you have a rope before traveling to the EPA, as you will require it to gain access to the facility for the first time.

Upon arriving you will be warmly greeted by many EPA Spore Plants. As is the custom in the great wastes, greet them back with sizzling hot rounds from your choice of the many fine weapons in today's post-nuclear utopia. Be sure to kill all of them, including the ones just northwest of where you arrive.

From here proceed directly south to the green exit grid.

Southeast Warehouse MapEdit

If you do not have a piece of "junk" in your inventory, go ahead and grab some from this map for quest #2, they are laying around practically everywhere.

Proceed inside to the warehouse facility to meet the doctor, (the only living human of the whole EPA, not including his prisoners).

  • He will now give you the Solar Scorcher if you have Myron in your party. Ask him what drugs he has made, then ask if he knows about Jet, introduce him to it's creator Myron. The Doc will be so excited he gives you the nice little gun. This has to be done before the doctor offers you his first quest.

The gas mask (see "Screenshot 0", "X") you will need once you are underground is located in the southeast corner of the warehouse, hidden behind some blue storage crates. (To use it, make sure it is in your active item/weapon slot; similar to the CH+1 sun glasses for example).

screenshot 0 [2]

NOTE: There is an alternate entrance to the underground facility that is located in the southwest corner of the map via a sewer drain partially hidden by a large group of rocks. You will not be able to enter right away due to lack of a password, so just take note of this for now, and once accessible, you can use it as the main entrance to the underground compound if your mutated heart so desires.

Actually, you CAN enter an important part of the base this way. It will take you to E2½ (see 'Blue level' section below) where you can easily collect some very nice items.

NOTE: You may receive only one of the following two quests from the doctor initially, based on your stats. Simplified this as follows:

  1. Science skill at least 71% or Speech at least 101% = Gecko Pelts Quest.
  2. Science skill below 71% and speech below 101% but at least one of the weapons skills at 71% or more = Get the Drill Quest.
  3. Science skill below 71% and speech below 101% plus none of the weapons skills over 70% = No Quest at all.
  • 1a. Collect Gecko Pelts for the Doctor. (0xp)
Pretty self explanatory. Once you have 10 golden gecko pelts in your possession, return to the doctor for quest #2.
  • 1b. Find the tool the Doctor left behind. (750xp)
If you don’t have enough science skill, the doc may have use for you yet. Once he gives you this quest, you will now have access to a map which you can travel to via the green exit grid which is now located northwest of the warehouse. This area is swarming with floaters, nasty centaurs, fire geckos, and giant mole rats so be prepared. The best way to describe the location of the drill is to just head straight south until you get to the boards that are hovering over the green radioactive area. Now head west all the way to find the drill. In terms of actual directions, take a right at the first fork, and at the next intersection go through the middle passage. Once at the boards, take a right (west) to find the drill. This is also a great area for experience, so if you have the firepower and a strong will for destruction, clear the whole area for some great exp. Upon returning to the doctor victorious, he will actually be extremely surprised you even made it back alive. Apparently he was sending you to your death. Well, jokes on him, but unfortunately he won’t give you any other quests. So you may want to consider adding some science and trying quests 1a and 2.

Hopefully you have high enough skills for quest 1a, and have the 10 pelts already in your inventory so you can get quest 2 immediately. You may be saying to yourself "Well jeez, wouldn’t I want quest 1b since I get exp?" And I would slap you and say "No man!" Believe me, you will probably want the reward for quest #2.

Now it's time to head to the main underground facility so travel back to the area you first arrived by heading back northeast to the green exit grid. Once back here, just head directly west, fighting through the small pack of wild dogs, until you come across a large dome-shaped air vent. Attach a and rope and descend. (75xp)

Main Underground EPA FacilityEdit

Nothing really to note down here, so just head north and fight your way through the critters. Eventually you will come to a small corridor with an air vent on the north wall, at which point your character will say "I bet I could fit through that vent". Well guess what, you can fit through the vent. (see "Screenshot 1", "A") so go ahead and click on the vent to emerge into the Utility Level of the main facility.

screenshot 1 [3]

As for the basic layout of this facility; for all intents and purposes, all you really need to know is that it has a West elevator, an East elevator, and a main elevator. The main elevator, which is located in the center of the facility (connects to the surface), is permanently out of order, so don't even waste your time poking around at it. Feel free to loot any of the accessible lockers/desks in this area.

Another note: There are quite a few 'dormant' robots in this facility. If you feel like trading ammo for experience points, you can destroy most of them in relative safety. Only those in the immediate vicinity will turn aggessive if you attack one. Once you get the access keycard from the Director of Security, all but the ones on the utility level will vanish. I don't know if destroying them will upset the Director of Security or not.

Before I go any further, I am going to start abbreviating the floors which are associated with both working elevators. You'll notice that each elevator has 4 levels, the Utility level which you start on, and sub-levels 1 through 3, which are conveniently color coded by their trimming (where the floors meet the walls). So here's the basic Key for you to follow:

EPA diagram [4]

East Elevators with appropriate sub levels - Abbreviated by the letter E and followed by the number of the sub-level:

E1 - Red Level, East Sub-level 1
E2 - Violet Level, East Sub-level 2
E3 - Green Level, East Sub-level 3

West Elevators with appropriate sub levels - Abbreviated by the letter W and followed by the number of the sub-level:

W1 - Orange level, West Sub-level 1
W2 - Yellow level, West Sub-level 2
W3 - Indigo level, West Sub-level 3

If by now you've visited one of the information terminals near the elevators and you're wondering where the "blue" level is, calm down I'm getting there.

Once you're finished with the Utility level, head to the West elevator and descend to W2. You will notice that this is the only sub-level that connects to its adjacent sub-level counterpart - E2. The lockers in between don't really contain anything worth noting here, but feel free to check them out. Just don't forget to have your gas mask equipped. To the far east end of the contaminated area with the lockers, there is a large computer called "Mr. Chemmie" (see "Screenshot 2", "B"). Depending on your science and the current ingredients on you, you can make various types of drugs. The nice thing is, the facility is littered with all sorts of different ingredients, so if you love making drugs, come back here later once you have what you need.

Stimpack- Broc Flower, Xander Root, Empty Hypo

Super Stimpack- Stimpack, Fruit, Nuka Cola

Poison- Empty Hypo, Radscorpion Tail, Nuka Cola

Antidote- Radscorpion Tail, Booze

First Aid Kit- Empty Hypo, Stimpack, Radaway, Antidote

Doctor's Kit- Stimpack, Rucksack (?), Medical Kit (?), Antidote, Empty Hypo

Buffout- Beer, First Aid Kit, Nuka Cola

Mentats- Booze, First Aid Kit, Apple (Fruit)

Psycho- Mentats, Buffout, Stimpack, Fruit

Rad-X- First Aid Kit, Nuka Cola

Radaway- Stimpack, Empty Hypo, Nuka Cola

Something Special- creates Marijuna or Nitroglycerin

To the right of Mr. Chemmie, there are two vents. (see "Screenshot 2", "C") clogged up with goo. Click on them to unclog for 50xp each. Once the vents are cleaned, you no longer need the gas mask for this area.

screenshot 2 [5]

If you have Cassidy in your party and science over 100%, Mr. Chemmie can make heartpills for you. (They can also be found in NCR). Use it on Cassidy and he will no longer die when using drugs.

  • 2. Fix EPA lighting problem. (500xp)
Now backtrack to the yellow area where the hologram is, and examine the top-most generator (see "Screenshot 3", "F") with science. Once you figure out that you need some junk to repair it, you guessed it, use the junk you picked up earlier on it and..... let there be light! This concludes the quests associated with the doctor in the warehouse (sort of) so head back to him at any point to complete the quest. The doctor's final request is that he wants you to be his guinea pig for a serum he created. Go ahead and accept as this will increase your Agility by 1 permanently!
screenshot 3 [6]
Now let's continue to W1 to receive the remaining quests from our holographic friends. Loot this area to your hearts content, then proceed to the room with 2 computer terminals and 3 large machines on the wall that have 4 reels each (next to the room with the holograms, separated by a double wall). Use the left computer terminal (see "Screenshot 4", "K") and run a diagnostic to determine the issue. Now use science again on the same terminal to repair the magnetic coil (100xp), which will now enable you to speak to the 4 holograms in the other room that you've been dying to chat with.
Let's start by speaking with the Director of Ground Maintenance (see "Screenshot 4", "H") to get your reward for quest #3 which you've already completed (that's how I roll).
screenshot 4 [7]
  • 3. Clear out the plant problem. (300xp or 500xp)
Assuming that you killed all of the plants in the beginning like I suggested, speak to the Director of Ground Maintenance for your reward. He will give you a key to the two locked storage buildings (on the surface map with the spore plants, to the west) on the surface. If you say you dont want a reward he still gives you the keys but you recieve 500xp instead of 300xp.

One of the locked storage buildings on the surface map actually contains a very useful object, if you have Dogmeat in your party and like to keep him alive that is. There are two cans of dog food there. Use the dog food on Dogmeat and he regains full health when injured. I don't know whether it works like the first aid kit and disappears randomly after using it, or if it lasts forever.

  • 4. Fix the Voice Computer. (500xp)
Back at W1, speak with the Director of Security (see "Screenshot 4", "I", he’s the destructive tweaker in regular power armor) and he will ask you to fix a computer for him. The computer is located back in W2, (see "Screenshot 3", "E") and is easy to spot (makes *BEEP!* and *BOOP!* noises etc...). Use it and run the diagnostic to determine the problem. Now simply use science on the terminal to call it a day.
At this point, take one of the lifts down to level 3. It doesn't matter if you go E or W. Both E3 and W3 have many doors that need a password to open them. These will show a list of false passwords to choose from.
Once you're done trying doors, return to the holograms up on level W1. (see "Screenshot 4", "I & J") The Director of Security will give you an access key that will unlock every locked door in E1. The Director of Public Relations is more reluctant. Using your powers of persuasion, (61%, and she will always say no the first time you ask), convince her to give you the password (ABRE) required to gain access to various locked doors throughout the facility (with the exception of E1, and the door that leads to the "Blue" level, which we'll talk more about next).
  • 5. Fix the hologram that speaks with static.
For this quest head to E1 (since I know at this point you're well on your way here anyways) and unlock the door that leads to the hologram (see "Screenshot 5", "M"). After speaking to him you will realize there is an issue with his voice computer as well. The flashing red column of lights (see "Screenshot 5", "L") to his right (your left) needs to be repaired, so go ahead and use science or repair on it, then speak with the hologram again. Remember the alternate entrance I mentioned earlier? This hologram will give you the password of "FLOWERPOT" to open that door which leads to it if you ask. This door is located in the south area of E2. This will lead to another area which I like to think is the "Blue" sub-level that all the information terminals mention, but have no details on. I'll go into further details of this area (which you definitely want to visit) later.
screenshot 5 [8]
  • 6. Fix hologram 00000. (500xp)
Head back to W2 and talk to the hologram (see "Screenshot 3", "G"). Try and determine what's wrong through dialogue, and then use repair on the computer located on the wall (see "Screenshot 3", "D") to his right (your left) to fix his voice problem (he only speaks in binary). Once that is repaired, speak to him again to reboot him. This also crosses off a quest on your pipboy, so congratulations you just completed the final EPA quest.

Area notes/items worth mentioningEdit

I'm not going to go into details about every single item you can find in the EPA, and exact coordinates of its location, but this is where I'm going to point out goodies that I feel are worth noting in case you missed them and also some other information that will lead to quests that don't directly fall under EPA in your pipboy.

E1- The areas most noting here are the north and south locker rooms.
E2- The only thing I'm going to mention here is that the south door which requires the "FLOWERPOT" password leads to the Blue level.
E2½ (Blue level)- The reason I like to call this the "Blue level" is because there are terminals that refer to such a level, but lack any details concerning it’s nature. Although this level does not have any type of blue trim, it's really the only other area that would qualify. Starting with some of the items; in the single brown crate that is relatively centered on the map, you will find some cool environmental armor (AC is kind of low but it has great resistances, and is quite useful if you haven't done the Broken Hills mine quest yet). There's a room to the far east with two workbenches and some lockers. If you are stuck wondering where the heck the alternate exit to the surface is (see "Screenshot 6"), head to the far west rooms with the large stacks of blue and brown crates. There's a hidden wall punched out in southwest corner of the room with the brown crates. That ladder leads to warehouse map with the good ol' Doc.
screenshot 6 [9]

You must have perception of 7 or more and examine the scrap of paper with a password (found on a workbench) to open the locker with the Laser Rifle and Laser Pistol.

E3- The computer under the "Bio-Storage" sign will give you various information regarding critters and such.

Access the file on botany and then download the information to a holodisk for the Abbey quest. Be sure to check the storage tanks for two different types of seeds. If you're bored, plant the experimental seeds in room to the north (use the fertile ground, see "Screenshot 7", "N") for 100xp and wait a day or so. Eventually a glorious spore plant will spawn and henceforth need to be eliminated.

screenshot 7 [10]

Planting experimental seeds in EPA garden does not always produce a spore plant, sometimes it's just a harmless bush, I think it's completely random.*

As far as I know, you should be able to bring the non-experimental seeds to Arroyo and plant them in the garden, buying you more time to find the G.E.C.K.

W1- Nothing to note here, just be sure to check all lockers and such for anything you might want.
W2- See W1.
W3- Starting with items in the northwest locker room, I'll make note of: Plasma Rifle, misc meds/drugs, misc ammo, M60, and an Assault Rifle. Be sure to visit the beeping terminal (see "Screenshot 8", "O") to the east to find out some interesting information about the experiments of the facility, and also to obtain a cure for epilepsy (guess how this comes into play). If you keep searching, you may find a hidden note on fluoridation of water for 200xp. To the far middle-west room, there's a talking toaster (see "Screenshot 9", "P") by the name of "Brave Little Toaster" (anyone remember those books?) Speak to him and find out he needs to be repaired. Go ahead and repair him for 450xp, and speak to him again for some gamblings tips. Apparently he has an IQ of 6000 and knows of a way to "jinx" any slot machine, making it dump out its entire reserve of coins directly into your big fat purse.
screenshot 8 [11]

To the north there is a terminal which will release one of three possible subjects, based on your stats, from the cryo chambers. Talk to them and watch what happens.

The three test subjects:
  1. One who will die - speech skill highest.
  2. One warrior who will teach you 20% unarmed - melee skill highest.
  3. One spy who will teach you 20% sneak - sneak skill highest.
Your highest value of melee, sneak or speech will determine which character gets extracted. If two of them are equal, it will be random which one of those you get. If all three are equal you get none, (bug?) but can then try again if you change your skills. You can only extract one test subject!*

Although it's of no relevance to the gameplay, the entire area is a parody of the BBC TV series "Red Dwarf". There are the following references:

  1. The Brave Little Toaster is based on and looks identical to a minor character, "Talkie Toaster" in the series. All the dialogue sections asking if the player would like toast are direct quotes from the show and the mention of AI intelligence enhancement is another plot reference.
  2. All the base is wiped out due to an unfixed mechanical problem, and the only survivor was in suspended animation. An identical set of events occurs at the start of Red Dwarf.
  3. As in Red Dwarf, the dead staff members' personalities are stored and used to generate holograms of their former selves.

Umbra TribeEdit

If Sulik is with you when you come here, he will effectively leave the party to stay and talk with his old friends. You will need to wait a day or 2 before talking to him and asking him to travel with you again. Don't leave any important inventory items with him unless you plan on trying to steal or buy them back.

F2RP2.0 by joochian

  • 1. Help Krom to negotiate with Roy the trader:
  • If you refuse to trade Krom's 20 gecko pelts for Roy's 50 stimpack, the game grants you 500xp and +15 karma.
  • If you agree to trade Krom's 10 gecko pelts for Roy's 50 stimpack, the game grants you 500xp and +15 karma.
  • If you examine the crate with a perception of 9 and accuse him of trying to cheat and let him go you get 600xp and +20 karma.
  • If you examine the crate with a perception of 9 and accuse him of trying to cheat and kill him you get 300xp and +15 karma.
  • If you just kill him you get 300xp and no karma.
  • 2. Help Merli to fix well: (Merli is very touchy about the way you fix the well)
Chat with Merli first before fixing the well, otherwise Merli will not reward you and scorned you for being impolite.
You need to bring your own rope for this quest. Attached your rope first and then pick up the bucket and attached to well.
Merli will gives you some ??? cash and game grants you 400xp & +10Karma.
There are some dialog option with Merli after attaching rope & before attaching the bucket.

You need to do good deeds to be "Accepted" in Primitive Tribe (fixing the well & enduring Merli, freeing Kirusu, helping Krom) to get the guardian at the tribe leader tents to let you meet the tribe leader.


I got this quest by just talking to the shaman. You need to examine the dead girl in the wilderness area to the South first (with the binoculars) to determine she died a horrible death and her soul cannot rest. (You do not need to search the corpse or take the rock.) Back at the shaman's tent, wait until midnight and talk to the ghost that appears. Talked to the shaman again and there will be a ceremony that finishes this quest, and 500xp.
  • 2. Collect some weapons for the tribe's warriors.
I had to do this before anyone else in the tribe would talk to me. In the NE tent is the leader of the tribe's warriors. He will ask you to find 5 spears and 10 knives, and give you 300xp for doing so. There are a few in the wilderness area to the South, but probably not enough.
  • 3. Fix the well for Marli and the tribe.
The guy standing next to the well has to give you this quest. Use a rope on the well, (get the 'hand/use' icon and then select the rope from your backpack,) then talk to Marli again. You can pick up the nearby bucket, but you can't do anything with it until he tells you the job isn't finished. 'Use' the bucket from the backpack on the well again and collect 400xp.
  • 4. Sulik's sister is missing, find her.
I got this quest from Sulik. Metzger, in the Den, put the location of the Slaver's Camp on my map when I asked him about his business (Speech skill 61% required). The slaves that you free from Metzger will also tell you where the camp is. Freeing Kurisu from the camp automatically takes you to the Primitive Tribe.
  • 5. Find out what happened to the hunting party.
You must complete the "Find out what is haunting the tribe's shaman" quest before you can do this one. I also had to wait a day or two before the leader of the warriors would give me this quest. Talk to the guy guarding the cave and he will let you in. Just kill the Golden Gecko and listen to his story. (600xp)
  • 6. Collect firewood for the tribe's fishermen.
The woman in front of the tent in the fishermen's area will give you this quest. There are at least 4 piles of firewood in the wilderness South of the village. Bring her 3 of them for 200xp.
  • 7. Get medicinal plants for the shaman.
After you rescue Serin, the injured hunter, you will appear in front of the shaman's tent. The shaman will thank you, then you can ask him if there is anything else you can do. He will tell you to bring him 5 Xander root and 3 Broc flowers. You get 100xp and some healing powder for giving them to him.


Father Tully in New Reno will tell you about this place and put it on your map. He'll also give you quest 5 below. You can find it just by exploring if you want to here earlier, but you won't get quest 5 until you meet Tully.

  • 1. Kill the beast beneath the church.
You must ask the head monk on the third floor about a GECK in order to get this quest. He will then send you to look for brother Thomas and a missing book in the basement.
In the basement are a few mutated rats, several Radscorpions, and a big tough Deathclaw you will need to fight through to find the body of Thomas, and the book. (for 500xp + kills) Get the book from the corpse of Thomas and take it to the head monk for 200xp. (or $250 and 0xp if you sell it to him.) Paul will then give you an access card for the computer. Be sure to have the book when you report back to the head monk. He will only ask you for it once. (You can get the access card and 50xp by killing the Deathclaw, but the book is useless to you.)
  • 2. Deliver the machine part to brother Max.
Elaine, the 'stout nun' on the second floor will give you this task. Max is in the copying room in the E section of the basement. To get there, look for the door on the ground behind the guy preaching in the large chapel area. Max will give you a scout manual and 100xp.
  • 3. Repair the waterpump and report the status to the headmonk.
Talk to the head monk or Dave, the merchant, to find out the water pump needs to be fixed. After examining the pump and discovering it needs a motor (this gives you 100xp) talk to Dave again. He'll say you can find a motor at Harry's in Vault city (which will cost you $500). When you have the motor, you can talk to him again. He will ask if you want him to fix the pump (300xp) or if you want to do it (800xp). If you do it, use the motor on the pump first. You will then get a message saying that perhaps tools would help. Pliers or a super tool kit will work. (There are pliers on the bookcase closest to the door in Trader Bill's shop. A wrench does not work) Report back to the head monk for another 50xp.
  • 4. Find out who is digging up the graves.
Samuel, the gravekeeper will give you this quest, along with a clue to solving it. Talk to the farmer, Mr. Peterson to the South. Wait until midnight and talk to the old man around the graveyard carrying a shovel. His name is Tom and he's so poor he has to steal food and rob graves for a living. Tell him to go ask Mr. Peterson for help, and get 1000xp.
  • 5. Inform brother Thomas and father Tully about the whereabouts of each other.
When you get back to New Reno, you receive 750xp experience for telling father Tully that Samuel was fine. You can get 500xp more for bringing him a bottle of Abbey wine, which can be obtained from one of the monks in the W side of the basement.
  • 6. Bring a lighter to brother Hank.
Hank is the moonshiner in the W basement. Officer Darrow in VC Ammenities "A" has a lighter for sale. One of Becky's male guards in the Den has one to steal also. Give it to Hank in the basement for 0xp. He will give you a free bottle of the Abbey wine for Father Tully.
  • 7. Collect information about botany for brother Paul.
You need the botany holodisk from a computer in EPA to complete this quest. Once you have it, talk to Brother Paul in the second floor library again. He will tell you to upload the data to the main Abbey computer. Using the access card you received from the headmonk, log on to the terminal and "add information" for 750xp.
  • 8. Escort Brother Jason to Gecko.
Brother Jason, is standing between the graveyard and the main building. After talking to him, you can propose to take him to Wooz in Gecko at 'the harp', for 800xp. This will automatically place you in  Gecko, without your car, which will still be back at Abbey.

  • 9. Format the Abbey's book database.
This quest is also received from Brother Jason, but only if you take it before(or instead) offering to escort him to Gecko. You can also Format Abbey's book database for the same result, without receiving the quest from brother jason. Formating the Database will cause the following:everyone will become hostile with you, town reputation will drop, -5 Karma and +500xp.

When you have access to the Abbey computers, you can have a blast formatting their entire hard drive from the Help/About file. This naturally turns everyone hostile, and your town reputation will take a drop.

Brother John on the second floor has a bad heart. If you give him heart pills he will give you a Stealth Boy, or you can charge him $400. You can also pretend to sell them but refuse to turn them over, after which he won't speak to you anymore. Neither choice affects karma or town reputation, and the other monks don't care what you do.

Brother Jack the Abbey doctor, will give you a paramedics bag and a field medic first aid kit, if you ask him for some meds and tell him about your Arroyo quest (CH 8 and speech 110% required). As a dumb character (IN 3), do not miss to try talking to Jack. He will ask you to stop drooling, but dumb as you are you keep going. Finally the doctor can't take it any longer and... he melts. You get 200 xp and -15 karma for this.

If you are playing with the NPC Armor Mod installed, you can obtain a metal armor for Marcus here. Talk to Trader Bill and ask him if he's found anything special, and he will offer to sell you the armor for $3000. Marcus has to be in your party though.

Vault Village:Edit

  • 1. Get weapons for Connar to be used at the nearby village.
Connar will tell you to find Joe near Cassidy's bar for help in obtaining the guns. He will send you to Harry to buy them, then you can return with the weapons for 800xp. Talking to Joe will also reveal there is a better way to solve the problem. Joe will refer you to Councilman McClure, and also tell you some ghouls might be behind the problem. If you ask Connar about the rats he will tell you the same thing, and also give you one of the amulets if you want. Talk to McClure and tell him you think you can get rid of the molerats by finding out who controls them.
In the Gecko junkyard, find the hole in the back to the hidden home of the 'Brain' rat. The rat will tell you about optimising the power plant, and you can get him to stop the molerat attacks in exchange for agreeing to fix the powerplant.
If you solve the problem without ever buying the weapons, then Connar lets you keep the $10,000 (BF2.1.2: 5000$), and you can't get the 800xp.
  • 2. Collect food (12 meat jerky and 6 fruit) for Ann to be used at the nearby village.
This quest is only available after solving the previous quest and giving Vault Village time to expand. (Time to wait is probably about 6 months, but I'm not sure.) Ann is in the nearest building to the right. If you ask about helping out, she will send you to find 6 apples and 12 drymeat for the village. You will get 800xp for giving them to her, or 600xp and $200 if you make her pay.

Slaver's Camp:Edit

To find this location you first have to have had Sulik in your party (to get his missing sister quest), and then talk to Mezger or one of his slaves.

To rescue Sulik's sister, Kurisu, you must obtain the keys from Don. If you do this peacefully through talk, you can sneak away with Kurisu and take her back to the Primitive Tribe. This will cause the slavers in the camp to be hostile when you return and you will have to fight them anyway. Reuniting Sulik and Kurisu earns you 500xp and 1000xp for rescuing her.

To set all the slaves free, you must kill all the slavers first. This presented a problem for me. I had to reload 3 times because at least one of the Slavers ended up running off the map where I couldn't get him. Either make sure your skills and damage are high enough to kill them all quickly, wait until you get the quest from the Rangers in NCR, (and some help,) or lock the doors so they can't escape the massacre.


Playing the Restoration Project mod, you will find there is a much higher probability of having encounters when crossing the Wastelands. Early in the game, this will be a real nuisance and often a nightmare, running into dangerous situations your character is not at all prepared to deal with. It was killap's intention to bring the game closer to what it was originally - you should be afraid of venturing into the wastes. Read those scout manuals, and put a few points into outdoorsman skill and you shouldn't have much trouble. (The encounter rate is dependant upon your computer however, and it can be adjusted. So, if it seems unbearable, check the wiki at Vault - Tec Labs for help changing it)

Not only will you have more encounters, there are also many that never existed before. Robbers and raiders could always be certain death for low level parties, but a caravan fending off robbers can be a great opportunity. If you can keep your NPCs out of the fight, wait until the robbers start running out of ammo and then take them down. Some of the weapons you can pick up (for free, and still far away from any town where you could even buy them - if you could afford to,) will almost seem like cheating.


The first time you meet Kaga will be right after leaving Arroyo and heading to Klamath. Kaga says he passed the Temple of Trials and is the true Chosen One. If you talk to Mynoc in Arroyo, he can tell you even more information about Kaga.

There are 5 times you will be confronted by Kaga, and each time he is better equipped than the time before. He will taunt you and then attack, and you (and your party members) will get to attack him, but he always runs away before you can finish him off. (Until you meet him the final time.) Requirements for the encounters:

  • 1st encounter: player level less than 6
  • 2nd encounter: player level greater than 5 and less than 11
  • 3rd encounter: player level greater than 10 and less than 16
  • 4th encounter: player level greater than 15 and less than 21
  • 5th encounter: player level greater than 20

There is also a way for diplomatic characters to avoid fighting Kaga. This option is available upon the second encounter. With luck of 9 or better, you may get a funny/joke diplomatic ending. With speech of 100% or more, you can negotiate a real diplomatic solution with Kaga.

A Traveler:Edit

The Traveler is sometimes worth stopping to talk to (the first few times). She never has anything to barter with, but I have had her give me the location of several places I would normally need to find out about from someone else, including EPA and the Military Base. She doesn't know the real names of the places though, so you have to ask about "an abandoned mine" and "an old research facility" to have her put the locations on your map.

Federation Shuttle:Edit

You can now find a phaser pistol here. This uses small energy cells, clip capacity = 12 shots, damage = 20-30, range = 25. It seems to deal Laser damage.

Vorpal Rat Cave:Edit

You may find this place after already encountering Arthur and the Knights searching for the Holy Hand Grenade.

Here you will find the 5 nobles fighting with the seemingly invulnerable rat. Neither the rat nor knights seem to pay any attention to your party as long as you don't join the fight. This battle can take a long time, and end in different ways. The first time I had this encounter, the rat managed to kill all 5. It then came after me, and I somehow killed it with one targetted shot to the head with a Desert Eagle. (for 0xp.) The second time, all 5 knights were able to survive and eventually kill the rat.

In either situation, you can use your action points during the battle to enter the cave and collect the Holy Hand Grenade. What interests me more is that they each carry $500 and over 100 large energy cells (depending upon how much ammo they have used in battle) which is nice to loot or steal.

xxxGuardian of Forever:Edit

The Solar Scorcher has been removed and can now be found at the EPA instead. See that section if you need help obtaining it.

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