This page is a collection of all the inventory item images used in Fallout 2, not including those used in both Fallout and Fallout 2. For all of the items that go unmentioned here, see Fallout inventory item art.



10mmjhp10mmap5mmjhp5mmap44jhp44fmj 223fmj45CAL2MMEC4 7MM762mm9MM9mmBall14mmap12gaExplosiverocketRocketapFlamethrowerfuelFLMFUEL2BBSHNNeedlerCartridgeHNAPNeedler CartridgeDCELLSCCELLS

Big GunsEdit

Fo1 MinigunFo2 Avenger MinigunFo2 Vindicator MinigunFo1 Rocket LauncherFo1 FlamerFo2 Improved FlamerFo2 BozarFo2 Light Support WeaponFo2 M60

Energy WeaponsEdit

Fo1 Laser PistolFo2 Magneto-Laser PistolFo1 Plasma PistolFo2 Plasma Pistol Extended CapacityFo2 YK32 Pulse PistolFo1 alien blasterFo2 Solar ScorcherFo2 YK42B Pulse RifleFo1 laser rifleFo2 Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.)Fo1 plasma rifleFo1 turbo plasma rifleFo1 Gatling LaserPhazerImage

Melee WeaponsEdit

Fo1 KnifeFo1 combat knifeLittleJesusFo2 ShivSwitchbladeWknifeEnd Boss knifeWrenchFo1 ClubFo1 CrowbarFo1 SledgehammerFo1 Super SledgeFo1 RipperFo1 Cattle ProdFo2 Super Cattle ProdFo2 Louisville Slugger

Small GunsEdit

Fo1 .223 PistolFo2 .44 Magnum RevolverFo2 .44 Magnum SpeedloaderFo1 Desert EagleFo2 Desert Eagle Expanded MagsFo1 9mm MouserFo1 10mm PistolFo1 14mm PistolFo2 Needler PistolFo2 Gauss PistolFo1 10mm SMGFo2 Grease GunFo2 H&K P90cTOMMYGUNFo1 ShotgunFo2 Sawed-Off ShotgunFo1 Combat ShotgunFo2 H&K CAWSFo2 Pancor JackhammerSpringunFo2 Jonny's BB GunFo1 Red Ryder BB GunFo1 Red Ryder LE BB GunFo1 Hunting RifleFo2 Scoped Hunting RifleFo1 assault rifleFo2 assault rifle Expanded MagsFo2 FN FALFo2 FN FAL Low-lightFo1 Sniper RifleFo2 H&K G11Fo2 H&K G11EFo2 M72 Gauss RifleXL70E3

Thrown WeaponsEdit

Fo2 Plant SpikeFo1 FlareFo1 Molotov CocktailFo1 frag grenadeFo1 plasma grenadeFo1 pulse grenadeFo2 Holy Hand Grenade

Unarmed WeaponsEdit

Fo1 brass knucklesFo1 spiked knucklesFo2 Boxing GlovesFo2 Plated Boxing GlovesFo1 power fistFo2 Mega power fist

Thrown & MeleeEdit

ROCKROCK2UraniumOreSpear3SpearSpear2Fo1 Throwing Knife




Books & PaperEdit

SCIENCECATPAW2DEANSF2hintbkFRST BKG&ASCOUTFo2 account bookFo2 Lavender FlowerClipbrdClipbrd2FO2 Part Requisition FormFO2 Doctor's PapersNote from FrancisFO2 False Citizenship PapersFO2 Enlightened One's LetterTpaper1TPAPER2TPAPER3FO2 Password PaperFo2 password paperFO2 Slag MessageFO2 Raiders MapFO2 Ranger's MapFo2 Vertibird plans

Chips, Disks & PartsEdit

File:Chipred.gif File:Chipyel.gif File:Chipblu.gif File:Chipgre.gif File:Navcom.gif File:Trans01.gif File:V15comp.gif
File:Disk1.gif File:Disk2.gif File:Disk3.gif File:Disk4.gif File:Disk5.gif File:Disk6.gif File:Disk7.gif
File:Tape3.gif File:Tape ply.gif File:Voicemod.gif File:Exchip.gif File:Water.gif File:Hymgpart.gif File:Motivatr.gif File:Carbatry.gif File:Carturbo.gif
Pipmed File:Pipling.gif File:Minepart.gif File:Motor.gif File:Thand.gif File:Toggle.gif File:Robotprt.gif File:Bug.gif


Chem beerChem BoozeChem GGBeerChem RRumChem RotGutChem Nuka-ColaChem CookieChem fruitIguanaonastick1DrymeatChem MToeChem PowderChem HypoChem stimpakChem SuperStimChem BuffoutChem jetChem MentatsChem PoisonChem psychoChem RadAwayChem Rad-XChem AntidoteChem AntiJet


File:Iceches 000.gif File:Iceches 001.gif File:Iceches 002.gif File:Bag.gif File:Pack2c.gif File:Bagc.gif File:Bagd.gif File:Docbag7.gif File:Rambox1.gif File:Rambox2.gif Geck File:Bcase2a.gif

Keys, Passes & BadgesEdit

Temple KeyFO2 KeyKEY5FO2 Vault 15 Shack KeyPASSKEY1PASSKEY2PASSKEY3FO2 Presidential PassDAYPASSFo2 stables ID badgeFO2 Tanker FobFO2 Presidential Access KeyFO2 Sheriff's BadgeFo2 talisman


File:Cosmetic.gif File:Annalock.gif File:Goldwatc.gif File:Jewel.gif Locket File:Elvis.gif File:Pot.gif Flower
File:Oilcan.gif File:Jar.gif File:Oxygncan.gif File:Poisncan.gif Pelt1 Pelt2 File:Ballgag.gif Eastregg Firewood
File:Plank1.gif File:Pocklint.gif File:Psynull.gif File:Pump2.gif File:Radslimb.gif File:Scorp.gif Flint File:Trophy.gif File:Zip1.gif
Mag8ball File:Dice1.gif File:Dice2.gif Cards1 Cards2 File:Cards3.gif File:Condombl.gif File:Condomgr.gif File:Condomrd.gif
File:Toe.gif File:Goldtoth.gif File:Ear1.gif File:Ear2.gif Eye1 File:Eye2.gif File:Brain1.gif File:Brain2.gif File:Brain3.gif File:Brain4.gif
File:Beny.gif Nixon File:Tandi1.gif File:Annabone.gif File:Body.gif File:Rubrbod1.gif File:Rubrbod2.gif
File:Rock2.gif File:Rock3.gif File:Rock4.gif File:Glasses.gif Sunglass Botlcaps File:Cap2.gif File:Rope.gif Shovel1 File:Radio3.gif File:Vicradio.gif File:Flask.gif File:Vicwatrf.gif File:Rubrboot.gif
File:Dynamit.gif File:Dynon.gif File:Plastic.gif File:Plastion.gif File:Geiger4.gif File:Geigon.gif File:Watch3.gif File:Stlthboy.gif File:Stlthon.gif
File:Flare.gif File:Flareon.gif File:Lockpic2.gif File:Exlockpk.gif File:Elecpic.gif File:Elockpk2.gif File:Motion.gif File:Motionon.gif
File:Cutter.gif File:Suprtool.gif File:Wrench.gif File:Crowbar.gif File:1staid.gif File:Faid2.gif File:Docbag2.gif

Missing ArtEdit

Fakeholo Neural Reserved Robtroc2 Bonusagl Bonusint Bonusstr Boss01 Boss02 Boxweap1 Carfuel Donotuse Geckfire Gunautoc Gunturet Idbadge2 Rbtmelee Robtrock Dclaw1 Dclaw2 Phazer Smithitm Zipgun

Courtesy of Fan Made Fallout.

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