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There is a great WW2 strategy game called Hearts of Iron 2 by Paradox Interactive. The game is very moddable and a mod has been made based on the Fallout series of games. The foundation of the mod is taken from Fallout 1 and 2, but some elements have been taken from Fallout Tactics, Van Buren, and even Fallout 3. The game map is centred on North America, of course, but Central America, Mexico and Canada are also present. All the groups from the original games are represented, like Vault City, NCR, New Reno, the Enclave, and more. You get to control these groups as nations using the Hearts Of Iron strategic game engine. Which means you research technologies, build units, conquer and administer territories as part of a fun, strategic, empire building game. Hearts of Iron is a WW2 game, but this mod completely replaces all the default content with Fallout and science fiction material. [Fallout's Doomsday - a mod for Hearts of Iron 2]

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