Abandoned Player Home

Abandoned Player Home

Biggest differences since FO: NV already has a hardcore mode....

1. Changes to player making it even more difficult.

2. More enemies, personal customized player homes, etc.

3. To add back to the game content that was cut from the game.

4. A ghost player as a follower if possible with companion trading options.

In general, gamesave modding has thus been successful so far, but as this game already has a hardcore mode, there isn't much for me to mod and change in here as there is in my FO3 Car Fort City [Car Fort City!] which seems to be an endless amount of items to change, fix or to improve....

Check the talk page for current updates and releases.

Current VersionEdit


Abandoned Player Home for the PC (At the Lone Wolf Radio)

Abandoned Player Home for the Xbox (At the Lone Wolf Radio)



Crops in front of the Player Home.

Front of Player Home

Front of Player Home.

Inside Back Player Home

What the inside back portion of the Player Home looks like.

Inside Front Player Home

What the inside front portion of the Player Home looks like.

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