[Last Hope mod tutorial]

First of all, you'll have to know how to extract FOT scenery. In FOT installation folder "C:\Program Files\14 Degrees East\Fallout Tactics\core" there are *.bos files (if you used the large installation option). You can easily extract them with winRAR program. tiles_0.bos should be the archive which contains scenery graphic.

Next you'll se that some extracted files have .til extension while other have .spr. Spr's are used for animated scenery like characters, items, vehicles... or scenery with more orientations (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW). You can view .til or .spr files with "RedView" or "GRV" although for .til files which are single image files i highly recommend RedView because grv 0.23b has some errors while reading all .til files (or i'm just having this problem).

1.Exporting .til to picture format: Open .til with RedView and go file/Export image as TGA. Also you can hit "Print screen" button and paste the image as .bmp format in your image editing program. With GRV you can press the "copy to clipboard" button and "paste" it the same way.

2.Exporting .spr to picture format: As mentioned above, .spr has multiple frames for each direction so editing and pasting frame by frame with RedView or GRV will get you bored extremely! So the better solution is to use "spr2frm" from TeamX. But have on mind that once you've extracted image files from .spr, you have to align every frame so the animation doesn't get "jumpy". With spr2frm you have "spr2gif" program which extracts sequence for every orientation to .gif format. This could be more helpful if you want to edit each frame. Now, when you prepared your graphic for conversion to .FRM you can use "FrameAnimator" which is a good solution for all kinds of stuff. Made your .frm? Don't forget to update .lst file!

NB most of this art has been converted for an upcoming project - Dude101

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