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How to translate FO's 2d environment into 3d

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By Continuum, found at NMA. How to translate FO's 2d environment into 3d:

Units are in millilitres (if you're using different units - you must only calculate/change them).

- first you must create a camera,

- you must adjust camera angles,

- dolly camera at 64000,

- set render to 640x480,

- create a plane:

Length: ~ 5500

Width: ~ 4600,

- render the scene - you have a tile template,

- it's time for hexes - create gengon:

sides: 6

radius: ~ 1525

- render the scene - you have a hex template.

You can change render size, but you must remember to change a camera dolly, examples (1st values are render size, 2nd - dolly):

800x600 - 80000

1600x1200 - 160000

3200x2400 - 320000


There's no way to create "ideal" templates, I think. Based on these two templates you can plan where doors will be placed, where blockers will be placed, etc. directly in 3d.

Scene after adding such "helpers":


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