This is a simple text file where each line of the file corresponds to an element in a list. Each line uses the DOS style end of line markers CRLF ("\r\n"). The first line of the file contains data for element 0, the second line contains data for element 1 and so on.

The data for a line is typically a single word (usually the name of a file).

Comments are allowed in a LST file. Comments start with the semicolon ";", and continue to the end of the line. Blank lines and lines only containing comments are not allowed.

Here is the first 5 lines from the LST file skilldex.lst, which correspond to elements 0 to 4.

 STRENGTH.FRM  ; Strength     (Basic Stat)
 PERCEPTN.FRM  ; Perception   (Basic Stat)
 ENDUR.FRM     ; Endurance    (Basic Stat)
 CHARISMA.FRM  ; Charisma     (Basic Stat)
 INTEL.FRM     ; Intelligence (Basic Stat)

Created by Noid.

Found in TeamX's offline docs

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