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Modders Needed!
  • If you are looking to join an existing project, then check out the Modders Required section.
  • You don't need to be a script jockey to mod.

Modding Ideas

  • Are you looking for modding ideas, or do you have a well thought out FO2 or FO3 mod idea?
  • Feel free to express your self at the Modding Ideas section. The modding dreams graveyard.

Getting started

Helping out

  • If you want to help but you're not sure where to start, try improving the various stub articles by expanding them.
  • Another helpful activity would be to check the list of wanted pages for frequently linked-to articles that don't exist yet.
  • You can find a list of useful templates on Category:Templates.
  • See Project:Community Portal for more!
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Recent Posts

  • Sduibek

    Renaming and/or moving wiki pages is a good thing, but leaving a redirect is absolutely essential. Presumably this applies to all wikis, not just this one.

    Moving or renaming a page means you thought …

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  • Ghouly89

    So, here we are Vault-Tec Labs. It's 2015 and Fallout 2 still has a thriving community of enthusiastic modders churning out new content nearly 17 years later. In revisiting the wikia (with some luck …

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  • Ghouly89

    Wiki updates 11-21-10

    November 22, 2010 by Ghouly89

    Hello fellow modders, Ghouly here!

    I have not had the pleasure of posting a blog ever before in my life, so bear with me as I deliver the good news, the bad news, and any updates I want to give to you, …

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  • Dude101

    Custom Art Repository etc

    September 5, 2010 by Dude101

    You may have noticed the shiny Custom Art Repository on the main page. Wikia has kindly agreed to host FRM files here for us. If you have art you want to share please do :) there are still some iss…

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  • Dude101

    Mod Blog 19/01/2010

    January 20, 2010 by Dude101

    There has been a secret art war between Fallout: Between Good and Evil and Mutants Rising for some time, but it looks like Killap is going to win: .Pixote. has spent "approximately 1000+ hours throug…

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  • Ausir

    Fallout 3 mods now on the 360

    January 17, 2010 by Ausir

    A user called gir on the Xbox Scene forum has figured out how to put Fallout 3 PC mods on the Xbox 360, which until now was impossible.

    Ok, I'll explain it the best I can. Firstly, I used xexloader to i…

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