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This document presents a general concept of content of files in MASTER.DAT. Most of them are self-explanatory.


Files Description
art\cuts\* Movies and movie control files.
art\heads\* Talking heads
art\intrface\* Interface,including worldmap image files.
art\inven\* Images of items (in the inventory).
art\items\* Images of items (lying on the ground).
art\misc\* Special effects (explosions...)
art\scenery\* Scenery (like crashed vertibirds...)
art\skilldex\* Graphics shown for each skill/trait/stat in character screen
art\splash\* Splash images (when booting the game)
art\tiles\* Tiles
art\walls\* Walls
data\* Files in this directory are extremely important. They are commented text files, and they control a lot of goings-on of the game. Much hacking with these files yet remains to be done. A suggestion is to extract and inspect them by yourself.
maps\* Maps of towns/cities.
premade\* Stat files of pre-made characters. When starting a name game, there are 3 pre-made characters, remember?
proto\* Stat files of critters/items/tiles... etc
scripts\* Compiled scripts. Needless to say, these files are essential to the whole game, but the format is unknown.
sound\* Sound bytes
text\english\cuts\* Subtitles shown in movies
text\english\dialog\* Dialogs. Each dialog file corresponds to one compiled script file. Example: text\english\dialog\acbrahmn.msg corresponds to scripts\
text\english\game\* Messages


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