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Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Mod ContentEdit

  • Q: Where can I find a walkthrough? I have trouble with the gameplay.
  • A: Megamod Guide


  • Q: I am a dirty haxor, and I can't get FALCHE to work.
  • A: Use of F2SE is better suggested.

Installation Problems?Edit

  • Q: I can't get the mod to work!
  • A: Read the "readme", and do it carefully! You can also see the FO2 mod install guide

Adding to the modEdit

  • Q: I have a really fantastic idea for this mod! But who should I talk to about it?
  • A: MIB88 is very open to well-thought out suggestions, in fact he has implemented a few of mine; post your ideas on NMA.

  • Q. I can translate Russian to English or visa versa, and want to help with this mod.
  • A. I wish someone actually said that, we sure could use help with this. Would you like to be mentioned in FO2's credits? I have been and it's neat. Contact Dude101 on NMA or at tomsspam101 (at)

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