The following items have been fixed:

-Corrected all NPC (except Klint) appearances in all armors

-Visiting Scraptown no longer corrupts your game.

-Marriage with Miria now works correctly.

-Primitive Tribe Woods: Bones of a human in the lower left part of the woods no longer have infinite money on them

-Davin becomes invisible if you sleep with him

-Roaches always run away

-Characters no longer appear as giant cockroaches when wearing the professional power armor


Question: Would it matter to someone if I just edit the whole page one time by putting all the locations in alphabetical order? Think it'd be much more overlookable (if that word exist - don't know English too well :) like that and would take myself the 20 minutes or so.

Also, sorry if I posted a little out of order yesterday, just thought I'd post my reports directly and didn't want to read half wiki infos for that (the thing with the two unconfirmed bugs was mine and the character loss in Modoc - if not something more).

Also all my armor wearing NPCs do not run in battle through the animation of their armors - is this been already fixed or should I report it on the side?

'Nother question: The fixed bug version - can I get it somewhere here?

Nick of the annoying question-teller: WouldLikeMoarF2 (if someone is needed for blaming or something)

-I don't care what you do with the Bug List page. However, Hakimio is the one who put the page together.

-As for NPCs not running, I have never known them to run in combat except if they get crippled or are almost dead. The only time I ever seem them run is when not in combat. If you think it is related to one of the armor mods, then just do a test: Do they run when not wearing armor? Does Cassidy run in the leather armor he was given?

-I (and one other) are currently playtesting version 2.35. It is not available for general release. When it is available, I'll make a post about it at NMA or the Fallout Modding Center.


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