mod ideas for fallout 3 add your ideas to the listEdit

  • places

the cafe of broken dreams, a crashed deep space nine, the tardis, nuka-cola delivery team headquarters, the hub, mariposa, sierra army depot, a new vault for each of the factions listed, vault-hope, hope-town, Canada, japan, Mexico, Indiana, the great wall of china, stilwater,

  • items

Fusion Cola, Cherry Nuka-Cola, sonic screwdriver, nuka-cola fatman, a cookie (preferably chocolate) Ultra Stimpak, Nuka-Cola based weapons lots more guns

  • npc's

the doctor, K-9, darlecks, David lettermen, Baby deathclaw wolf-man jack, nuka-cola devilry man, siberman, darleck, siberking, zombie, lord snip, Sgt Othello (of the left behinde), Frank Horrigan mixed with a deathclaw, dick Tracy, a mutated president Richardson, sushi A death law merc

  • factions

Brotherhood of Nod, Global Defence Initiative, the Scrin, nuka-cola delivery team, sibermen, darlecks, the left behind {the outcasts from my story}, the rcmp, the western brotherhood of steal, the western enclave, ultor, the 3rd street saints, an evil race of chocolate monsters that use nuka-cola based weapons and who's favorite food is super mutants

  • Total conversions:
A mod that turns fallout 3 into fallout/fallout 2/Van Buren (older F3)

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