Word around the wastes suggest that the feral ghouls are becoming more organized and seem to be guided by a "invisible hand". this level called the Horde, which used to be a presidential hotel in DC, This level will be the first step in creating a new quest line, in which the Lone Wanderer must stop a hostile take over by the Feral Ghouls. Upon arrival, the Lone Wanderer would engage a large amount of normal feral ghouls, and the deeper the player continues into the basement of the hotel, the stronger the ghouls become, until they hit a locked door only labeled as Hive mind. They key to this door is acquired through the quest line, in which the Lone Wanderer destroyers the hive mind and the feral ghouls return to their animal like existence. Of course, in the quest line, there will be several quests, including acquiring weapons and help for a defence againt the ghouls, a bomb to destroy the hive, defending another city, investigating the hive, etc etc. on the higher floors of the building, the player will find records of the survivors trapped in the hotel and how they turned from human, to ghoul, to feral. there is also a unmarked side quest in which the player must figure out who the hive mind used to be.

Sounds cool but i dont realy know how to mod and anyways i only have ps3 version.Deg Breth7

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