The Connection is a user created level addon idea formed by SenderCity Productions, it is currently in a ideas stage and is in need of mappers and modders.

The StoryEdit

The Connection is a large hub of traders and merchants that buy and sell supplies and other services through out the remains of New England. The Connection is primarily based in the center of Connecticut. The story at moment is that super Mutant forces have taken over the northern border of the Connection and the BOS is needed to push them back long enough for native forces to set up bases around the perimeter. The level would take the player through Waterbury up to Torrington onto Hartford.

Connectivity with Fallout 3Edit

At the moment, it is unknown if the Lone Wanderer will be the person in the story, based on the incredible distance from the Capital Wasteland to Connecticut. But if it becomes the case then the location would most likely be near the republic of dave, with a trainyard which leads to Stamford and then a walk to Waterbury

Or have lets say rivet city got one of there jets working there could be a big opening with that so its a little open ending mod?

Cool idea also make it were you got to get a few things for the plane engineers first before they can fly you there. Its a great idea but cant help sorry.Deg Breth7

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