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The Niner Character Mod is a Mod that introduces four new characters, Niner plus three unnamed characters. Two of these are Raiders and one is a NCR soldier. The mod includes two random raider characters that destroy Niners moter cycle and also adds the respective soldier character when you go to the NCR base that's part of the delivery systems of Niner's routes, in the NCR base part of the Niner Character Mod.

List of Niner QuestsEdit

  • Yes! I am a long way from home - its given to the game player just outside of the village of Good Springs. Completion of this quest will temporarily give the pack mentality perk. Also this quest completes after killing the exact 2 raiders that destroyed the moter bike of the Niner character. after there killed the game player is required to talk to Niner in order to complete the quest.
  • Kids will be Skeletons
  • Travel is Dangerous
  • Come on Die Young - this quest is completed when the character Niner travel to New Vegas with the game player and also hangs out at a casino dining hall with him. its unclear what Niner character quests actually come after this.

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