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What It DoesEdit

Adds an electrical switch behind Doc Mitchels house that you use to begin. You basically protect a Brahmin from waves of 3 to 10 fiends (depending on the version) every minute. If your Brahmin dies, you lose.


  • An electrical switch is behind Doc Mitchels house that is used to begin the game in a different "dimension".
  • A sniping tower so you can easily snipe out Fiends from afar.
  • A terminal is available so you can buy guards and equipment.


I'm a long time alchestbreach fan. with that being said i tried using wasteland defense to do Protect The Brahmin and it didnt go too well. So i decided to make a mod. I'll change some stuff later but figured I'd share what I have right now with you guys

Go to the back of Doc Mitchell's house where you will find a switch on the wall. P.S thats where i put everything for mods


  • PTB Update 1- Added a few new things



PTBv1 1
PTBv1 2

PTBv1 3
PTBv1 4

PTBv1 5
PTBv1 6


thumb|300px|left|Video of the Modh

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