This tutorial will cover how to package your mod from a 'data' folder into a Dat file. One of the main advantages of putting your mod into a dat file is that you don't have to worry about setting the *.pro files as read only and it is also a whole lot tidier.

Step 1Edit

There are various Dat packers available, I prefer to use Dat2 with the Dat2 Frame Gui from TeamX.

Step 2Edit

Download the utilities and place them into a folder on your computer. Dat2folder

Step 3Edit

Run the file called 'DAT2Frame.exe, you should now have the screen below on your computer. Dat2build

Step 4Edit

In the 'Source Files Directory' browse to your mod's data folder. Then in the 'Destination Dat Filename and Patch' enter the location and dat filename that you want. Now just click the 'Build Dat File' button, wait a few moments for the dat file to build and your finished. You now have your mod compressed into an easy to distribute dat file.


Wild_Qwerty - Mutants Rising Team

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