Sparkys Quantum Adventure mod is a mod that that lets the game player explore the settlement of Sanctuary in the year 2057 and opens up a entire new over world map based on the year 2057 in addition to the 2077 map of sanctuary in the game excess able via mods or coc console well as the Commonwealth post war map.

Mod Description Edit

The entire area of  Sanctuary settlment and the parts of the unbuild-able area of the settlement are nicely re-created like the walking trail / evacuation trail bridge over the Sanctuary creek as well as places that added more of the world back than even the real sanctuary in the year 2077 map from the fallout game such as new enemies such as wild dogs , soldiers , gangsters / thugs, as well as peter finton of the scientist faction, military Scientist, quantum labs security, Red Rocket Construction workers and afew other kinds of enemes in the game.

After you go past the main car bridge there is a entire street going right around the minute man park and campgrounds and then all the way back over to near abernathy gets build at. Minute Man Park is centered on the old green colored copper Minute man statue that the main caracter Preston Garvey will reconize on some occasions if your trying to do that walk back to sanctuary quest with him. , Sometimes when playing the game there are times when Preston wont reconize the statue because he cuts though the back woods part of the park right to the foot of Sanctuary Bridge and instead of making a statue coment and a bridge coment it will just make a bridge comment if it was walking though them woods of Minute Man Park.

The mod also includes other areas outside of the build-able area outside of sanctuary such as part of Concord is now a rebuilt location and on the starting map of the game none of Concord was ever built but this mod adds the unmarked location known as Quantum Labs. theres other locations added by this mod as well such as the Military base and the Synth base. Although canically the synth base is meant to be in the year 3977 "the fortieth century" as the Shaun the father synth says in this mod. regardless it also adds a few random encounters in locations of the forest where wild dogs attack. Also domestic dogs also exsit in the game in the Sanctuary settlement. other than this there arnt that many other areas that were detailed outside of the workshop buildable area of the Settlment of  2057 Sanctuary.

Mod HistoryEdit

To be added later.

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