The TAC-40 Offender (Tactical Arms Corporation, Offensive Submachine Gun) is a 10mm NifSkope-Blender-rip weapon built around the body of the infamous 10mm SMG from both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.


Now at the end of his Fallout New Vegas modding journey, LennyHayes7, a recipient of 236 endorsements for his 6 weapons was looking to create a weapon that could cover the submachine gun ammunition range but have power and a respectable table of statistics so not to over or underpower the 10mm round.


The TAC-40 was built using the programs Blender and NifSkope with suppliments from Python FFI, G.E.C.K, MS. Paint and Game Maker 8's sprite editor for transparancy. Development for the model required parts of the Marksman Carbine, Assault Carbine and 10mm Submachine Gun to be cut out in Blender 2.6 and reproduced to make for weapon parts.


The TAC-40 Offender is a compact Submachine Gun equipped with a picatinny rail, straight-verticle magazine and reduced snagging points. It is retextured from the original 10mm SMG with a darker and sharper paint scheme.


  • Damage: 17
  • Critical Damage: 22
  • Capacity: 24-rounds
  • Effective Range: 150m
  • Cartridge: 10mm/.40 Cal
  • Weight: 6


  • Sound Suppressor
  • ACOG-Scope

Reception, Reviews and AccoladesEdit

The TAC-40 Offender is LennyHayes7's most successful mod, having peaked as the 386th most endorsed weapon of all time on the New Vegas Nexus website with 136 endorsements, more than 1,900 total downloads and an excess of 19,000 views giving it a ratio of 9.8 views per download with endorsements coming from site Moderators and other successful modders such as Micalov who regarded it as a "Nice Mashup :)"

YouTube CriticismEdit

VHU mentioned the ACOG sight was not great but the overall design was pleasing.

  • "It is a TAC-40 Offender, and is fairly high quality but very functional. The gun is strong as hell but not to a point its overpowered. Also comes with a couple really nice attachments." -Josh, Vault Hunters Union

Zackee Plays Mods, in an extended review of numerous Nexus Weapon Mods gave an applauding review to the weapon concreting its design and functionality pro's.

  • "This is probably one of the nicest looking NifSkope weapons I have ever seen before." - Zackee Plays Mods

Nexus CriticismEdit

  • "This gun needs more attention. This is really good" - ElitistCurve758
  • "I'm not normally a fan of kludged together weapons from vanilla textures (AG Supplementary being the biggest exception to this rule of mine), but this looks pretty good. Like a middle ground between the 10mm SMG and a assault rifle, a nice stubby, powerful SMG." - CamSolaster
  • "Weapon of Choice" - SgtWhatsHisName


  • The TAC-40 has a known sighting issue when equipped with its ACOG scope. Bullets, according to some users, appear to be hitting up and to the right from 20 metres onward.
  • Similarly, the sight does not work when in use with a stealth boy due to the weapons red-dot being part of the SMG.

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