The Updated Official Mapper Scripts are updated source *.ssl and *.h files created by Haenlomal. They are intended to be used for Black Isle's Official Fallout 2 Mapper.


The source files that are installed by the Official Mapper compile to version 1.0 scripts. This means that the changes and bugfixes introduced by the Official v1.02D patch are missing. The Updated Scripts correct this oversight and permits the user to compile v1.02D scripts.

In re-creating the v1.02D version of some of these source files, educated guesses had to be made to certain variable names or define names, since the compiled scripts of course didn't store the names of local variables or #define macros. These names should be easily understandable, and at any rate do not change the functionality of the scripts.

The Updated Official Mapper Scripts can be downloaded from the No Mutants Allowed website.

Acknowledgements and CreditsEdit

  • Thanks to NOID for his ruby decompiler, which was used to decompile the v1.02 scripts.

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