• Cubik

    FO2 Combat Tweaks Mod

    April 11, 2010 by Cubik

    FO2 Combat Tweaks Mod v1.31

    What is doing:

    - fixes AP ammo

    - tweaks melee attack type (swing and thrust)

    This mod is compatible with vanilla Fallout2 and with Fallout2: Restoration Project 2.

    v 1.0

    - fixed AP ammo for making more damage against armored targets and JHP against unarmored (low armored)

    - tweaked melee attacks:

    swing - better for unarmored or weak armored targets
    thrust - better for medium or haevy armored targets

    v 1.1

    - fixed bugged BURST attack type (it didn't work!)

    v 1.2

    - fixed bugged min_dmg value for melee attacks (it was read always as "0" for random damage before calculations)

    - added 10% chance for critical damage for "thrust" attack type

    v 1.21

    - fixed "thrust" attack type (it didn't substract -30% from targets armor DR prop…

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