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A Tactics mod to get excited about

Dude101 December 10, 2009 User blog:Dude101

Fallout: The Wastes! although still in development, this one has caught my eye. I am not a huge fan of Tactics, but the Awaken mod kept me sane (Thanks guys), whilst waiting for FO3 (grrrr). Tactics does not offer the kind of interaction with the story and people of the game world FO1 and 2 does, but there have been a few developments over the years with speach trees. Now check this out:

Treedemo Fallout The Wastes

This is an in game screen shot from the mod. Tactics looks like it will have real dialogue trees! cool. I was not a huge fan of the token system developed before (Having a coloured tokens in hand to select options), but this looks to be a pretty decent hud for interaction, with no immersion breaks as with the token system. Excited?



3dsMax Sprite Stage for Tactics art

I also found this gem on ModDB, for those looking to make some Tactics art



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