Change the worldmap viewportEdit

(this works only with US and PL versions of Fallout 2):

  1. Unpack the "city.txt" file from "master.dat" file.
  2. Put the file in \Data\Data in main directory of Fallout2.
  3. Open the "city.txt" with a text editor and edit the file, change coordinates of worldmap position of Arroyo (the starting location in the game) as you wish:
[Area 00]                ; Arroyo
   ; Note: City names are kept in the Worldmap.msg message file
;world_pos=173,122        ; Absolute position? ; SAVED
world_pos=184,133        ; Absolute position? ; SAVED   <----------- change this values!
start_state=On           ; Starting state     ; SAVED
   ; Small/Medium/Large
size=Medium               ; Size of circle (city/town/etc.) (large/etc.)
townmap_art_idx=156       ; Fid num index for the townmap art
townmap_label_art_idx=370 ; Fid num index for the townmap label

4. Save the file.

5. Edit the "fallout2.exe" file with hexeditor:

Camera position:
Offset    bytes     orig. value     descr
10C42C     2          0х0000        World Viewport X
10C430     2          0х0000        World Viewport Y
0 means that camera is in the point 184, 133. 
Positive value moves camera down/right and negative - up/left.
Offset      bytes     orig. val.              descr
0AD008:     4         0хAD000000        World Highlight X
0ACD90:     4         0хAD000000        World Highlight X
0AD00D:     4         0х7A000000        World Highlight Y
0ACD95:     4         0х7A000000        World Highlight Y
0xAD is equal to 173, 0x7A - 122. 173, 122 - starting coordinates (Arroyo).

If you want make changes in memory then:

Memory_offset = File_Offset + 0x411A00 

Another way to easy change the coordinates of starting location is using Cubik's WORLDMAP_STARTER. You can download the tool from his [homepage].

ATTENTION! The min and max values of X,Y coordinates of starting locations are:

Xmin == 184;
Ymin == 133;
Xmax == 1173;
Ymax == 1222;

Do not change for smaller or bigger values in original size of worldmap!

The tool and code is based on the code from [TeamX old forum]

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