Its most famous incarnation being TES5Edit for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, XEdit is a multi-game application supporting both Fallout 3 (FO3Edit) and Fallout New Vegas( FNVEdit). It is distinctly multipurpose, serving as a module (mod) viewer and editor as well as a conflict detector. The FNVEdit Training Manualstates that "the primary function of [XEdit] is to help you spot conflicts between mods and resolve them, as well as to prepare your mod-list for a smooth run-time with Master Update Mode (MUM). MUM resolves some bugs with Fallout: New Vegas [and Fallout 3] and improves mod compatibility during run-time by turning all mod files into Masters (ESM) and creating the special ONAM records that allow the mod files to work together smoothly."

XEdit allows the user to view the files of a module in great detail- right down to the individual records it is comprised of, allowing users an extraordinary degree of control. Users can, for example, merge mods together, search for specific references or detect form errors within a mod, change their file firmat from .ESP to .ESM (and vice versa), as well as clean their mods of duplicate or extraneous records. They can also load multiple modules and see whether or not any given record has a conflict with another mod's record, and view the status of those conflicts (are they benign? Or will they mess something up in-game?).

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